Winter, Michigan Edition

The mitten is officially blanketed by snow, some areas seeing as much as 2 feet. Here in Lansing we have a few inches with more to come. Winter is one of the best times to be in Michigan, unless your one of those salty people who head South till the snow melts. 

Michigan offers a beautiful landscape to explore. If your up for a breathtaking view check out Tahquamenon Falls State Park located in Paradise, MI. The park offers close to 50,000 acres to snowshoe, cross country ski, and snowmobile.

Tahquamenon Falls is divided into two separate falls, the Upper Falls and Lower Falls. The Upper Fall is known to be the 2nd largest waterfall east of the Mississippi. The Lower Falls are made up of five smaller falls that cascade around an island. During the winter, ice builds on both falls creating a beautiful view that is well deserved on any bucket list.

After your hike and view of the falls you can warm up next to the fire at Tahquamenon Falls Brewery with a glass of refreshing craft beer and great food, . The brewery has a rustic atmosphere built within Camp 33 which replicates the old logging camp years ago.

I encourage you to throw on some layers, possibly a Freshwater shirt, and go outside take in the scenery and appreciate why Michigan is one of the best places to be in the winter.